By: biber hapř | Date: Jul 21, 2013 | biber hapř
good website. I follow you

By: Darcy Phillips | Date: Mar 25, 2011 |
The audio demos are amazing! I need to know more! Anyone out there using the black box?

By: Timothy A Anderson | Date: Aug 13, 2010 |
I just ordered a Manual for Teac/Tascam Seres 40-4 Multichannel recorder. That has proved very hard to find. I'm glad I came across you guys. I have a A-4010S and a A-3440 & a Tascam BR-20T Teac AN-80, AN-180, & AN-300.Several other Decks, Sony, Revox, two rooms over flowing with analog related.

By: Ed Dikun (Ohio) | Date: May 20, 2009 |
You guys are cutting edge... and cutting tone wheels!

By: Goldie McJohn (Seattle, WA ) | Date: May 20, 2009 |
Got an email from ''lil SIS'' and she told me to CHEQUE YOU OUT!!! I'd like to CASH IN on your newest adventure and would expect this new ''TOY of JOY'', be soundin' like SHE BEST B SOUNDIN' EH?~! Come on over to for the ADVENTURES of MAESTRO-MAN!!! SPIN me some literature to:GOLD MUSIC 6739 25th S.W. SEATTLE, WA 98106 ALL THE BEST BOYZ!! KICKAZZ!!!

By: XTL Audio | Date: May 20, 2009 |
A brilliant idea, Hope to get a chance to work one soon.

By: Pete Snell | Date: May 20, 2009 |
Man, I love the warmth and richness of the sound. I believe you guys have developed an incredible tool.

By: Dave Rader (Medina) | Date: May 20, 2009 |
Like the site updates! Soon, one in every studio and two on every stage. Let's jam.

By: Jeff Learman (Durham, NC USA ) | Date: May 20, 2009 |
Way cool, guys! Way cool!
A few points to consider, though.
We'll want to use MIDI when recording, and that includes using MIDI for all controls such as drawbars, percussion, swell, drive, and scanner.
The control module doesn't have quick access to some important controls (esp, drive). Those of us who have a Native Instruments B4D controller, Roland VK8-M module, or similar, would want to use those units to control the B-Free. (The B4D might be cheaper for you to buy than to make your own controller, btw.)
Those of us with older MIDI hammond clones like the earlier Korgs, with MIDI controls for drawbars, etc., will want to use those old keyboards with the B-Free.
Not sure the best way, but some way to program what MIDI command each control responds to would be far better than a proprietary control module.
Finally, let us get rid of the half-moon switch! Put another 1/4'' jack on the front panel that connects to the Leslie speed control, which we can then control via MIDI.
A few changes like this and you'll have all the programmability of latest generation instruments, but using authentic vintage hardware to generate the sound! The best of both worlds.
Thanks guys and good luck!

By: David E. Flores (Norwalk, CA) | Date: May 20, 2009 |
Will you be coming to
NAMM 2007? Hope to see you there.I'm definitely intrigued!!!

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